5x inspiration for a more sustainable life

The New year 2021, new chances and new resolutions. Have you been doubting whether to live sustainably for a long time, like many others? And do you find it difficult to start? Blue Marché has listed 5 eco-friendly instagram accounts that can inspire you how you can best live sustainably. These accounts share their tips and experiences and make it easier for us to start a greener life, with small steps.

  1. @hetzerowasteproject
    First we have the two sisters Jessie and Nicky from Amersfoort. They have been engaged in the 'zero waste' lifestyle since the end of 2014. They try to live without (plastic) waste as much as possible. They are sisters but also business partners in crimes.

    Jessie lived in her favorite city of Paris for six months. She did this to learn more about sustainability, she made it to the (university) newspaper with the zero waste story. Nicky lived in Sweden for a year to get her master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, but lost her heart to sustainability and Scandinavia there.

    On their social media channels (instagram, blogs) they post tips on, for example, sustainable clothing and how to make your own shampoo. With their initiative A new zero they help entrepreneurs and organizations to develop and implement sustainable plans through advice, lectures and workshops. (source photo: https://www.hetzerowasteproject.nl/)

    ladies of hetzerowasteproject Jessie and Nicky

  2. @degroenezus
    The Green Sister is Elcke. She is, in her own words, the type with her own opinion, a bit contrary and authentic. She is mainly very active on her website degroenezus.nl where you can find both personal and guest blogs about fair fashion, plant-based nutrition, ecology, animal-free cosmetics and ethical related topics to start an ecological lifestyle yourself. Her slogan therefore is  "The green sister is there for women who live ecologically or are open to it." (source photo: instagram degroenzus)

    creator of degroenezus elcke

  3. @ecofriendlyemily
    Her name is Emily, she started her sustainable journey when she was in college. After a number of moves and travelling by car, she started to wonder, "Do I need all this stuff?" This has made her live minimalistic. She loves yoga very much, so she started to do her workouts with Organic Basics, clothing made of sustainable material. She is also the founder of the Eco-friendly Blogging Club, a place where you can learn about the environment, minimalism, the zero-waste lifestyle and veganism. (source photo:  instagram ecofriendlyemily)

    creator of ecofriendlyemily standing on a white wall

  4. @karenvdheide
    Karen van de Heide has a blog and writes about living green and parenting in an environmentally friendly way. Some of her topics are plant-based nutrition, ecological cleaning and sustainable clothing. Together with her wife she has two daughters.  In October 2020 her book ' De groene mama" was published. The book is about parenting as environmentally friendly as possible. Here you can find tips about wooden toys, washable diapers, green bites and more. Her and her family love to discover nature, become more environmentally friendly and seek out the peace in the open air. (source photo: https://columnsbykari.com/)

    karen van de heide blogger with her kids

  5. @sustainably_vegan
    Immy Lucas makes many videos on her youtube channel and instagram where she advocates a low-impact lifestyle such as waste free, plant-based and ethically responsible. She also believes in the importance of intersectionality and inclusivity, which is why she is open to everyone on her channel. On her instagram she often shares tips on, for example, a sustainable bathroom and the necessities for it, but she also shares fun and tasty recipes that you can make yourself such as peanut butter, pumpkin soup and a healthy granola breakfast.  (source photo: instagram sustainably_vegan)

    immy lucas creator of sustainability vegan blog drinking coffee


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