About us

We are a company with a mission. Our team have traveled a lot in the last couple of years and it was a beautiful experience to constantly be surrounded by nature. It really makes you appreciate life and all its species even more. In this period being close to nature, made us more aware and interested in what we could do to have a positive impact on our planet’s future. A future including a prosperous wildlife, flourishing marine life and non-toxic oceans.

It was shocking for us to find out how much plastic is used in everyday life. And how much of this information is unknown to many of us. Plastic is everywhere. Not only in plastic bags, plastic bottles or cups, it can be found within the film of paper cups, car tires, toothpaste and make-up. This makes us all responsible and only together we are able to tackle this problem.

We want to contribute to decreasing the plastic consumption in the world. By raising awareness for this situation and by offering a solution for one of the plastic problems; plastic straws. We provide sustainable drinking straws made of bamboo, wheat or stainless steel as a solution. So this is us, standing up for a better world. Are you joining us in our mission?

Love, Blue Marché